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Living more Naturally, Simply and Sustainably

The Appeal

I have a hippie streak, it comes from my grandmother, it is in her blood and her mother’s blood, too. Don’t get me wrong I love my modern convinces but I often feel a tug deep inside me to live a little more simply, a little more naturally and MAKE things!! I love to make things, if I had the time I would make everything from baby food to jewelry to home improvement projects and everything in between. I have whittled it down to being a little more sustainable. The idea of being able to provide for myself drives me. It is so satisfying to know where things come from, what is in them and the feeling of successfully making something with my own hands.


The Process

All that being said it’s a process… I don’t always have time to make everyone’s soap and shampoo. I don’t always have the money to buy everything organic. I often don’t have the time to make dinner from scratch either. But guess what!? THAT IS OKAY!!!! You don’t need to go totally granola and install enough solar panels to completely power your home to live more simply, naturally and sustainable (even though that would be amazing!). What is more important what works for you and your family and making your life easier and more ENJOYABLE. This means that there are some seasons that It is easier and more enjoyable for me to order soap on Amazon, perfect!! There are other seasons when I sit at home, listen to music and whip-up some delightful homemade lotion and that is also perfect! Don’t worry about doing a complete overhaul all at once, just be mindful of making small changes as your heart desires, if it fits with your lifestyle, at the moment.


Challenge Yourself

Recently, I have begun doing a purge of my store-bought products. One by one, as all my many products have become empty I have asked myself a few questions. Do I need this? Can I live without it? Is it good for my body? Can I replace it with something natural? The answer for most of the products I use has been Yes this is something that I use and or need and YES! I can replace it with something natural.

As my products run out, instead of running to the store and replacing them, I have acquired natural products that I know I can use for a vast number of natural body care products like Castile Soap, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Emulsifying Wax, and Essential Oils etc. I have found that with a combination of a few simple ingredients I can make a variety of products, like body wash, shampoo, kids detangler, face lotion, and zit zapper!

Stay tuned as I share my progress as well as some great recipes so you can create simple homemade products for your family too!

Have you been making any homemade products for your family? Drop below and let me know your tips for living more naturally, simply and sustainably!

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