7 Ways to Perfect your Morning Routine!

Let me preface this by saying that I am a night owl. I always have been. Although, I have gotten much better about waking up earlier since having my daughter I am afraid I will always be a night owl. These are strategies that I have found helpful to perfect our Morning Routine as I transition from working at a restaurant at night to a full-time job during the business week. It has been an adjustment to get my two-year-old daughter and I ready for daycare and work and out the door so early in the morning. These are strategies that I have found to be the most helpful for myself and hopefully, they will bring some peace to your mornings as well!

1. Develop and execute a Morning Routine

Your morning routine could be big or small but it only takes 21 days to make it a habit. I envy those who have mastered a long morning ritual like working out every morning or a daily devotional.  Many people benefit from organizing tasks into a specific order so they just become a habit and there isn’t as much of a scramble to not forget anything. In addition to completing my list of tasks to get out the door, I do not have a long morning ritual it is short and sweet, but it helps! I sneak in a good stretch and a few deep breaths. As simple as it is, it helps me be more centered and intentional.

2.  Set out clothes the night before

This is so helpful for me to know exactly what I am wearing if it is clean and where it is. Then I can just throw it on as I get out of the shower and go in about three minutes instead of the ten it would have taken my foggy brain to get it together and pick something out.
Luna has gotten quite opinionated when it comes to getting a dress in the morning and if she isn’t 100% on board then it usually involves changing her mind a lot and attempting to bartering with her mother. I find if we pick her clothes out the night before she has had time to process and get used to the outfit and then she can focus her energy on insisting to dressing herself without letting me help! Please tell me I am not alone with my overly independent two-year-old!

3. Making Lunches the Night (or Weekend) before.

  • Meal Prepping

    • I enjoy cooking… for fun on the weekends…not during the weeknight time crunch when the survival of my two-year-old depends on how well I can make her lunch for tomorrow. Meal Prepping has been a lifesaver. Depending on how much time I have on the weekend I can easily make a few meals to store in the freezer for the next few weeks in just a few hours.
  • Walmart Grocery

    • This is my new secret weapon, There is an app and a desktop site that you can look through all the grocery items that Walmart carries and place them in your virtual cart. Once your order is complete you can select a pickup time and they will gather all your groceries together for you. You then pull into the Walmart Pickup Parking space at your specified location during your pickup time and they bring your groceries out to you and even load them into your cart! This is a miracle, especially as a working mom with a toddler. I find I save a lot of money on groceries this way too because I am less likely to get anything extra like I might when shopping in person.
      • You can get $10 off your first order of $50 when you sign up here.

Bento Boxes

    • Really helpful for Luna because she changes her mind often about what she likes and enjoys a variety. That way if today is the day she no longer likes the spaghetti she usually loves she has a few other options and doesn’t go hungry.
    • Convenient for me because I can throw a variety of small snacks together in the same container quickly and its an easy clean up later. Here are our two favorites, I bought both to see which one I like the best and I honestly use them both equally!

4. Pack work bags and backpacks the night before

This one also follows the trend of getting things done the night before and is fairly self-explanatory. If I can pack all of our belongings the night before and put them in an easy to grab location, possibly even in the car, then I will be doing much less scrambling or forgetting come morning time!

5. Going to bed early

I am very very very bad at this one. This one is more a suggestion to myself then advice! I am a night owl, I always have been and it seems like I can be tired all day and as soon as its bed time I get a second wind and find the energy to get the things done, I know it may be strange to you lucky early birds but I function the best late at night! Anyways, If I can ever get myself in bed and asleep at a reasonable time then I move more efficiently in the morning and I have more patience for all the fun morning shenanigans.

6. Breakfast to go!

I know, I know… it’s terrible! Please don’t judge, it’s all going to be okay! Were building character and learning to be flexible 😃 I try and sit down for a nice bowl of oatmeal with Luna when I can but some mornings there just isn’t enough time! For those rushed mornings, I try to keep a box of waffles or some bagels ready for breakfast in the car. Having this as an option seems to help save a morning that just hasn’t quite gotten off on the right foot yet.

7. Ask for Help, It takes a Village!

  • Maybe there is a family that goes to your child’s school that lives nearby and you could switch off carpooling to ease the school or daycare commute.
  • If your child rides the bus maybe you and another mom could take turns doing bus stop duty and give you both a little more time to get to work on alternating times during the week.
  • Spouses and family – Could you and your spouse alternate pick up times and switch off a couple days? Maybe your lucky enough to have grandparents in town who would love to do the school drop off one day a week and were just waiting for you to ask! 😉
Okay, okay! You get it… Basically, Do everything the night before! Yes, I know you’re tired after a long day and just want to rest but if your anything like me you’ll be able to rest better knowing you’re prepared for the day ahead. The morning is a struggle and it doesn’t always go smoothly but If your able to make a few changes to improve your morning it will put you on the right track with having a better day!
I realize we are all different and some of you may be the complete opposite of myself. Maybe your a morning bird and can wake up well before your children and find that the morning is a better time to pack lunches and backpacks! I have always been in Awe of morning birds. My dad is a serious morning bird and he always has been, he will wake up at 4:30 or 5:00 and sit with a cup of coffee and prepare for the day. If you are that way and have any magical tips on how I too can be a morning bird please share them with me! If you have any tips on how you make your morning run more smoothly weather your a night owl or a morning bird please let us know!


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